Our Products

262 Cheese Lasagna Rollups 3.5 oz Nutrition
305 Grammy’s Torpedo Hushpuppies Nutrition
552CE Pork Sausage Gravy Nutrition
670 Cheese Tortellini Nutrition
773 Cheese Manicotti 2.75 oz Nutrition
2220 CN Tempura Chicken Breast Chunks Nutrition
5010F RTC Breaded Chicken Tenderloins Nutrition
5164 Country Breakfast Scramble (turkey sausage, eggs, cheese, potatoes) Nutrition
5201A CN FC Taco Filling Nutrition
5661CE 2.2 oz Beef Patties Nutrition
5757 Homestyle Mac & Cheese – Large Elbow Reduced Sodium Nutrition
10509 Frosted Sugar Cookies 15 oz (Rainbow) Nutrition
10568 IW WG Cinnamon Oat Roundabouts  Nutrition
11010 RTC Chicken Chunk Fritter (Boneless Wing) Nutrition
11714 CP FC Buffalo Wing Sections Nutrition
16510 Holiday Christmas White Frosted Sugar Cookies 1.5 oz WG Bulk Nutrition
20450 FC Mini Chicken Corn Dogs Nutrition
28295 FC Chicken Fillet 35 oz to 4 oz Portions Nutrition
30199 FC Chicken Wing Sections Nutrition
31707N RTC  Battered Chicken Nuggets Nutrition
40862J FC Seasoned Shredded Chicken Breast Nutrition
58804 Butter Sugar Cookie Dough Nutrition
58819 Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie Dough Nutrition
58831 Chocolate Brownie Cookie Dough Nutrition
70151 Crab Rangoon Traditional Flat Nutrition
70845 Pork Egg Rolls Nutrition
70846 Chicken Egg Rolls Nutrition
73420 Hunan Orange Sauce Nutrition
73450 General Tso’s Sauce Nutrition
73460 Sweet and Sour Sauce Nutrition
73470 Sweet Teriyaki Sauce Nutrition
73480 Sweet Chili Sauce Nutrition
80845 Pork Egg Rolls 2 oz (No MSG) Nutrition
80846 Chicken Egg rolls, 2 oz (No MSG) Nutrition
87190 Ovenable Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos Nutrition
90544J Uncooked Breaded Breast Fillets Nutrition
93007S RTC Spicy Breaded Chicken Breast Fillets Nutrition
101316 Pepperoni Pizza Snack Rolls Nutrition
685100 CN FC Grilled Chicken Breast Strips Nutrition
791401 CN Fully Cooked Whole Grain Chicken Nuggets Nutrition
791421 Fully Cooked Whole Grain Chicken Patties Nutrition
791431 Fully Cooked Whole Grain Hot & Spicy Breaded Patty Nutrition
791441 Fully Cooked Whole Grain Breaded Tenders Nutrition
791461 Fully Cooked Whole Grain Breaded Popcorn Chicken Nutrition
799130 Fully Cooked Seasoned Ground Beef Nutrition
10006639 Emoticons Crispy Mashed Potato Shapes Nutrition
MF7277MP .7 oz Maple Pancakes Nutrition
MF9200JC 1.25 oz IQF Precooked Whole Wheat Waffle Nutrition
MF8000 Old Fashioned French Toast Nutrition
MF9201W IQF Precooked Whole Wheat Waffles Nutrition
OIF03456 Potato Smiles Nutrition
OIF0589M Oval Hashbrown Patties – 2.25 oz Nutrition
SNO157 Oval Hashbrowns Nutrition