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225 WG Square Ravioli Nutrition
670 Cheese Tortellini Nutrition
680 Tri-Color Cheese Tortellini Nutrition
934 Pumpkin Pie Nutrition
00119 Coconut Cream Pie Nutrition
00140 Pumpkin Pie Nutrition
0120 Banana Cream Pie Nutrition
0121 Chocolate Cream Pie Nutrition
02684 Oval Hash Brown Patties  Nutrition
1260B 12″ Baked Pumpkin Pie Nutrition
2220 Tempura Breaded Chicken Chunks Nutrition
2240 Tempura Breaded Pork Chunks Nutrition
2250 Tempura Breaded Chicken Thigh Chunks Nutrition
3320 CN FC Charbroiled Beef Patties  Nutrition
3425 CN FC Charbroiled Beef Patties Nutrition
3580 Black Forest Thin Sliced Deli Ham Nutrition
3626 CN FC Salisbury Steaks  Nutrition
3726 CN FC Meatloaf Slices  Nutrition
3758 9″ Pecan Pie Nutrition
4060 CN Scrambled Egg Patties  Nutrition
4105 CN FC Beef Meatballs  Nutrition
4911 Chocolate Chip Reduced fat Cookies  Nutrition
4912 WG Candy Reduced Fat Cookies  Nutrition
4914 WG Reduced Fat Double Chocolate Cookie Dough Nutrition
4915 WG Sugar Reduced Fat Cookies  Nutrition
5063 Straight Cut Fries with Skin Nutrition
5201 CN FC Taco Filling Nutrition
5324 CN FC BBQ Seasoned Pork Rib Patty with Grill Marks  Nutrition
5707 Sriracha Sauce Nutrition
6145 CN WG FC Breaded Breast Nuggets Nutrition
6373 CN WG FC Breaded Breakfast Breast Patty Nutrition
6686 Chocolate Covered Mini Donuts Nutrition
6687 Powdered Sugar Mini Donuts Nutrition
7112 CN FC Pork Sausage Patties  Nutrition
7139 CN Whole Wheat Blueberry Mini Pancakes Nutrition
7166 WG Maple Mini Pancakes Nutrition
7212 CN FC Pork Sausage Links  Nutrition
7349 Reduced Fat WG Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Nutrition
7545 French Silk Pie Nutrition
8085 CN Whole Wheat French Toast Sandwich  Nutrition
9659 12″ Baked Pecan Pie Nutrition
10686 Sweet Potato Chopped Wedges Nutrition
1096S FC Breaded Chicken Chunks Nutrition
14737 5/16″ Seasoned Skin On Straight Cut French Fries Nutrition
14355 Minced Potato Triangles Nutrition
18490 Assorted Honey Buns Nutrition
18629 Sweet Potato Fries Nutrition
18741 FC Bacon Nutrition
19957 Taco Filling Nutrition
20041 Assorted Bearclaws Nutrition
20042 Assorted Danish Nutrition
20301 Breaded Chicken Breast Popcorn Nuggets  Nutrition
20302 Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets  Nutrition
20303 Breaded Chicken Breast Patty  Nutrition
20304 Breaded Chicken Tenders  Nutrition
20305 Breaded FC Chicken Ring Patties  Nutrition
20306 CN FC WG Chicken Breakfast Patties  Nutrition
20307 Breaded FC Spicy Chicken Breast Patty  Nutrition
20421 Pancake Wrapped Chicken Sausage  Nutrition
20452 Mini Chicken Corn Dogs  Nutrition
22941 WG RF Candy Cookies Nutrition
24574 CN WG Chicken and Cheese Crispitos Nutrition
24943 CN WG Chicken Pepperoni and Mozzarella Crispitos Nutrition
26250 Golden Crunchy Minced Pollock Wedge  Nutrition
26251 Golden Crunchy Minced Pollock Stick  Nutrition
26253 CN WG FC Breaded Pollock Stick Nutrition
26533 Breaded Fish Sea Wonders  Nutrition
27001 FC  Glazed Chicken Drumsticks Nutrition
27088 Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough Nutrition
29045 1/2″ Crinkle Cut Fries Nutrition
31475 Seasoned Curly Fries Nutrition
32094 CN FC Spicy Chicken Breast Filet Nutrition
32460 Homestyle Waffles Nutrition
32533 Straight Cut Skin-on Fries Nutrition
33448 Mashed Potatoes Nutrition
34555 CN Apple Juice Box Nutrition
34556 CN Orange Tangerine Juice Box Nutrition
34685 Maple Sausage Patties Nutrition
35233 RTC WG Tenders Nutrition
37491 Cheese Crumb Cake Nutrition
39101 3/8″ Straight Cut Fries Nutrition
39226 FC Crispy Breaded Chicken Breast Filets Nutrition
39301 1/2″ Crinkle Cut Fries Nutrition
40015 CN WG FC Breaded Breast Nuggets Nutrition
40862 FC Seasoned Shredded Chicken Breast Nutrition
41045 FC Smoked Seasoned Shredded Beef Brisket Nutrition
42001 CN FC Taco Filling Nutrition
42060C Oven Roasted Sliced Turkey Breast Nutrition
43015 CN WG FC Breaded Popcorn Chicken Nutrition
43109 Battered Mozzarella Sticks Nutrition
44010 Ovenable Breaded Mozzarella Cheese Sticks Nutrition
44068 FC Italian Style Beef and Pork Meatballs Nutrition
45315 Whole Grain Cheese Ravioli  Nutrition
45325 Cheese Tortellini  Nutrition
45330 Tri-Color Cheese Tortellini  Nutrition
46000 Premium Smoked Honey ham  Nutrition
46015 CN WG FC Breaded Breast Tender Nutrition
46833D Sliced Applewood Smoked Ham Nutrition
46833G Uncured Honey Ham Nutrition
47491 Raspberry Crumb Cake Nutrition
50415 CN FC WG Breaded Breast Patty Nutrition
52408 Apple Crisp Nutrition
511842 Mild Cheddar-Pepper Jack Blend Nutrition
661125 Breaded Boneless Chicken Breast Chunks CN Nutrition
685100 FC Grilled Chicken Breast Strips Nutrition
690025 CN FC Grilled White Diced Chicken Meat Nutrition
690035 FC Turkey Meatballs Nutrition
62231-2 RTC Spicy, Breaded Chicken White Meat Chunk  Nutrition
70150 Oval Hashbrown Patty  Nutrition
70151 Bake-able Crab Rangoon  Nutrition
73050 General Tso’s Sauce  Nutrition
73060 Sweet and Sour Sauce Nutrition
73130 Hunan Orange Sauce  Nutrition
73420 Hunan Orange Sauce Nutrition
73450 General Tso’s Sauce Nutrition
73460 Sweet and Sour Sauce Nutrition
73470 Sweet Teriyaki Sauce Nutrition
70350 CN FC Roasted Diced White Meat Nutrition
70847 Buffalo Chicken Wontons Nutrition
70848 Vegetable Spring Roll Nutrition
80000 CN WG Breadsticks Nutrition
80226 Uncooked Hot & Spicy Chicken Tender Nutrition
81000 Whole Grain Garlic Breadstick Nutrition
82000 Whole Grain Cheese Stuffed Garlic Breadstick Nutrition
82894 Turkey Tenderloin Medallions  Nutrition
83001 Whole Grain Cheese Stuffed Plain Breadstick  Nutrition
83017 Random, Boneless, Skinless Breast Fillets Nutrition
83408 FC Grill Marked Chicken Patty Nutrition
84000 Plain Cheese Stuffed Garlic Breadstick  Nutrition
85000 Garlic Toast with Low Fat Spread  Nutrition
86000 Yeast Rolls Nutrition
88895 Turkey Tenderloin Medallions  Nutrition
92120 Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey Strips Nutrition
93310 FC Dark Meat Chicken Fajita Strips Nutrition
93548 FC WG Breaded Chicken Rings Nutrition
53400 FC Diced Chicken Breast Meat Nutrition
90544 RTC Breaded Chicken Breast Fillet Nutrition
92122 Turkey Sausage Biscuit with Cheese & Gravy  Nutrition
93906K RTC IQF Bnls Sknls Seasoned Chicken Breast Fillets Nutrition
94106 Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Nutrition
94212 FC Breaded Chicken Wings 1st-2nd Joint Nutrition
94226 FC Hot and Spicy Breaded Chicken Wings Nutrition
95025 Uncooked Chicken Breast Tenderloin Fritters  Nutrition
95091 Chicken Rings  Nutrition
96110 CN Battered Cheese Sticks Nutrition
99958 FC Sliced Roast Beef  Nutrition
99975 Deli Sliced Ham Nutrition
318817 FC Sausage Patty Nutrition
398271 Mild Battered Coated Seasoned Potato Wedges Nutrition
399797 Mild Battered Coated Seasoned Potato Wedges  Nutrition
417092 French Toast Sticks  Nutrition
418310 CN WG Breaded Sea Shapes Nutrition
423593 Breaded Fish Portions  Nutrition
449248 FC Fish Sticks  Nutrition
49000BV FC Chicken Breast Julienne Strips Nutrition
49000FS Fajita Seasoned Chicken Breast Strips Nutrition
690015 All Beef Italian Meatballs  Nutrition
905415 FC Oven Roasted Skin On Turkey Breast Nutrition
99339SG FC Seasoned Beef Nutrition
1000641 Hashbrown Patties Nutrition
1004365 Seasoned Waffle Fries Nutrition
1444250 Flame Broiled Turkey Patties  Nutrition
B8860 8″ Baked Peach Pie Nutrition
BYB04727 3/8″ Seasoned Straight Cut Fries Nutrition
C0058 Seasoned Curly Fries Nutrition
C4400 Diced Chicken Nutrition
C6670318 FC Chicken Breast Strips with Rib Meat and Garlic Nutrition
E0218-90 Crinkle Cut Fries Nutrition
H0082-90 Waffle Fries  Nutrition
MF7166 Mini Maple Pancakes  Nutrition
OIF00055 Bakeable 1/2″ Crinkle Cut Fries  Nutrition
OIF01037 Waffle Fries Nutrition
OIF03456 Smiles Shaped Potatoes Nutrition
R5100-90 Steak House Fries Nutrition
MCF05034 Sweet Potato Coins Nutrition
MFXHBP Oval Hashbrown Patties Nutrition
S142085 Precooked Italian Style Meatballs  Nutrition
VIP1050 10″ Baked Apple Lattice Pie Nutrition